“This particular patron has a special request.” He held out his hands, atop which rested a black blindfold. Yes, this actually happened. And yes, I agreed to do it. But if I had known that forgotten criminals would soon seek me out; if I had known how badly I would need this man whose breath I could feel but whose face I couldn’t see; if I had known that I would come to question my own identity even more than I questioned his…I never would have put on that blindfold.
Meet Ellie Brookes: smart, stubborn, and sarcastic Vegas stripper who is requested to provide private performances to a seductive patron who insists on remaining anonymous. Unwillingly forced to dance blindfolded to fulfill this (presumably) handsome stranger’s lucrative request, she finds that despite her resistance to what she sees as a misogynistic fetish, his mystery and intrigue leave her spellbound. After a menacing client attacks Ellie outside the club, she awakens in her bed wrought with situational amnesia and soaked in blood. She immediately begins behaving in ways that leave everyone around her stunned – including her handsome stranger for whom she has begun to fall. He fights to keep her close, but as her memories from that sordid night begin to return, along with flashbacks of a painful past long-forgotten, her angst to discover his identity begins to lose traction to another, more pressing addiction: revenge.


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Early reviews:

“Wow. Can I say that I love Jayne Dixon’s writing? Brilliant plot and storyline!”

“I’m hooked! This story is fantastic!”

“I seriously seriously love “Stripped!” I am obsessed! I’ve reread it like probably 10 or 15 times! I love it! What an amazing author!”

“This story is a fun romp through the world of an average girl finding her place of belonging within an average strip club, but with TONS of fun, sexiness, adventure, mystery, lust, love, and plot twists!”


Ebook ISBN: 1940936123

Publisher: Wooden Stake Press

Publication Date: August 23, 2016

Pages: 179 pages