American Badass

 Ron Watson wakes up one day to find himself dead. Yes, after an unplanned and unfortunate meeting on a Colorado highway with a semi-trailer truck carrying disposable diapers for orphaned babies, Ron Watson is an everyday, run-of-the-mill divorced American zombie. You know the usual zombie tale; the mutant virus got out, people ate people, zombies ran amok, blahblahblah…but American Badass starts after that. In a world where zombies have risen and have subsequently been wiped out, Ron Watson is the Last Zombie Standing….and Ron has exactly two thoughts in his head:  “Brains!” and “Vegas!”

Sin City, land of dreamers, where a zombie can, possibly, fit in neatly amongst the drunken tourists, down-on-their-luck beggars and lights so bright that nobody will notice a zombie shuffling around. Ron Watson is a dreamer – he dreams of being human again, and of brains.  And of finding both of those things….in Vegas. 

But Las Vegas has other plans for Ron, as it often does for its visitors, and in Las Vegas Ron encounters a nefariously incompetent government organization whose main goal is to kill him, discovers that he may not be the Last Zombie Standing, becomes an Internet meme for no reason at all, and gets drunk, laid, and fed…all while struggling with age old questions: Can a zombie date a human without wanting to turn the human into a meal? Can a zombie be an adequate parent? Do zombie punchlines translate in a human world? Is modern celebrity status as vacuous, hollow, and fleeting as it appears?   

And most importantly, is it better to be human or zombie? The answer may surprise you.


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“Poignant, funny, and edgy. In his debut novel American Badass, Jeff Chacon takes us on a wild trip to Las Vegas. Instead of fear and loathing, we get humor and heart.”

– Jonna Gjevre, author of Requiem in La Paz. 

“Think you know all about zombies? Think again. In Chacon’s mind they are principled, loyal friends and fathers with more than brains on their minds. And they are funny—above all else they are hilariously funny. Part zombie, part comedy, part social commentary, American Badass says as much about the living as it does the reanimated.” 

– Jack Maness, author of Song of the Jawhawk

“Ron Watson is my new hero. Sure, he’s dead, but he’s evolving (re-volving?). He eats only people we’d want him to eat, has enough couth to duct tape his own body parts together, and is trying to patch up old relationships – sometimes with that duct tape. Strap in, bitches. This fresh, funny, irreverent Z-ride goes to 11.”

– Floyd Jones, author of the forthcoming novel Blueberry 

“I don’t have to read it, I was sitting next to Jeff at Carnaval Court when he came up with everything.”

– Anthony Reynoso, co-author of E-Male: of Mouse and Men


– Ron Watson, Zombie


Paperback ISBN: 1940936048 

Ebook ISBN: 194093655 

Publisher: Wooden Stake Press

Publication Date: September 20, 2014

Pages: 252 pages