50 Shades of Brain

Cover 4

Ron Watson, former playboy, newly minted Internet celebrity, and zombie, has settled into a mundane everyday lifestyle in Las Vegas with his pregnant zombie girlfriend Maria, his rebellious teenaged daughter Stella, and his favorite bar, Carnaval Court, where his best friend Jim and all of his goofy flair bartender pals can be found. Life – or death, as befits his zombie status – is nice and boring.

Until it isn’t. Werewolves, rogue Elvis impersonators, and poopy diapers conspire to threaten Ron’s idyllic not-quite-human existence. Meanwhile, rumors of a zombie antidote abound, Stella’s very existence is threatened, and Jim is kidnapped and taken to a library, leading Ron to wonder: Who the f*** goes to libraries anymore? And if I don’t get shot in the head trying to save everybody, can I eventually learn how to be a family zombie? Or is there another destiny for me?

Muscle cars, seven seconds of sex, reality television, a delicious hazelnut spread, and bro-country music collide in this sequel to the best-selling – okay, better-selling – okay, so we sold a few copies – zombie comedy, American Badass (soon to be a feature film!). So pull up a barstool, order a cocktail from your favorite flair bartender, settle in, and enjoy. BRAINS!