Falling Into the Wishing Well


Falling Into the Wishing Well

by Anthony Reynoso
Paperback and eBook
Genre: Romance (unintentional)

November 2016



Darin, a typical 24-year-old college graduate, has some definite plans for his uncertain future. Having recently graduated from college, he is preparing to move to San Diego in order to start graduate studies and the next exciting phase of his life. One seemingly uneventful night, however, he meets Heather, a 31-year-old daycare center teacher who has a five-year-old daughter named Jamie. Having no plans, obligations, or expectations, Darin spends the Summer of 1988 on California’s central coast laughing, learning, and falling in…a very likable situation with Heather and Jamie. Yep, things couldn’t be better. Everyone knows the plan for the future and everything always goes according to plan, right? Right?