Blueberry, by Floyd Jones


by Floyd Jones
Paperback and eBook
Genres: Young Adult fiction, Science Fiction
Pages: 294
November 2016

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Gaia Cadogan is convinced she’s the spawn of a drug addict. Her ears are so huge that her blue hair doesn’t completely cover them. Her green skin and color-changing eyes add the finishing touches, making her look like some alien creature.

Gaia’s drug-baby theory is possible. The world of 2060 is pretty jacked, after all. People are succumbing to a devastating drug called Croozer. The sea is home to only jellyfish, trash-eating nanobots, and dead plankton. China is confiscating U.S. land, and a terrorist group called Native Americans Against America is blowing everything up.

But none of that is what’s bothering Gaia at the moment. She’s just killed a rare patch of green grass with her rage during a soccer game, and her family has to fess up about her unusual birth. As Gaia discovers new powers over life and death, dangerous threats emerge that force impossible questions on her: What good is a goddess in a broken world? And is humanity even worth saving?