Jonna Gjevre

Jonna Gjevre writes fiction in sunny Colorado. She researched her first novel, Requiem in La Paz, while traveling in South America with a string quartet. She’s also published short stories, poetry, and non-fiction.

Jonna grew up on a sheep farm outside Fargo, North Dakota. Later, she got a Ph.D. and worked as a professor, teaching creative writing in Scotland and film studies in the States. She’s passionate about Golden Retrievers, dark chocolate, fantasy literature, and textile arts.

Jonna’s last name is Norwegian in origin. Jonna rhymes with Donna, and Gjevre mostly sounds like chevre.

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Books by Jonna Gjevre

Requiem-in-La-Paz-3D Requiem in La Paz
Available in paperback and eBook formats
Genres: Literary Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy